Shogakukan (Japan), 2014

Foreign editions: USA (Image Comics), Spain (Norma Editorial), Russia (XI Media) and Italy (Bao Publishing).

232 pages, Ages 13+

A collection of short stories set in modern Japan.

“Henshin” means "transformation", and all 13 stories show how choices and events — whether momentous or seemingly insignificant — can change the lives of his protagonists. The lives of a kid with peculiar superpowers, a lonely girl discovering herself in the big city, and a businessman on a long night out are some of the short stories included in this collection that will make you laugh, and even maybe shed a tear.

Unique. - Slate

Stunning. - Ign.com

Niimura’s restless, energetic artwork is well suited to capturing the stories of these unsatisfied, questioning characters. - Publisher’s Weekly

Henshin illustrates Niimura’s amazing growth as an artist and storyteller. - Nerdspan

This is the sort of book I love the most, the kind that can take me places I didn’t know were even places. - Brain vs Book

Just like those Sunday “funnies”, Niimura will fill your heart with the same warm “awe’s” and goofy laughter. - How To Love Comics