Image Comics (USA), 2009

Foreign editions: Spain (Norma Editorial), Italy (Bao Publishing), Netherlands (Balloon Media), Japan (Ikki Comix), Brazil (Newpop Editora), Portugal (Kingpin Books), Russia (XI Media), France (Hicomics), Germany (Splitter Verlag), and Croatia (Fibra).

co-created with Joe Kelly

232 pages, Ages 13+

Adapted into a feature film by Anders Walter in 2018.

Gold Award at the 5th International Manga Award 2012

Nominated in the Best Publication for Teens category at the Eisner Awards 2010

“We’re stronger than we think.”

Barbara Thorson is your new hero: A quick-witted, sharp-tongued fifth grader who isn't afraid of anything. Why would she be..? After all, she's the only girl in school who carries a Norse war hammer in her purse and kills giants for a living… At least, that's what she'll tell you… but where does the fantasy end and reality begin in the heart of this troubled girl? And what if she's telling the truth?

After you’ve read this glorious book, you will almost certainly want to find a special place for it on your bookshelf. But I suggest you do something a bit more generous… pass it along to a family member or friend. It needs to be shared. It needs to be discussed. It needs to be experienced by everybody. —Chris Columbus, Producer of the Academy Award nominated The Help and BAFTA Award winning Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I Kill Giants off-handedly accomplished something that, I assert, comics can do better than any other form of entertainment: It set up an intriguing tension between its narrative content and its visual style, and it really lived inside that tension. —Glen Weldon, NPR

Niimura's art is as impressive as Kelly's writing, and both the script and the panels present fresh thrills on every page. —The Oregonian

This is graphic storytelling at its zenith: employing fantasy to offer profound insight and take readers on a deeply emotional journey. —Booklist