Panel Syndicate (USA), 2017-2019 

Ongoing series, All ages

Eisner Award to the Best Digital Comic 2019

“A real chef can cook anything.”

Uma solves everything with her amazing dishes, while Ami is a traditional and stickler chef. Together no obstacle stands on their way. But the moment of truth arrived, will they be able to save the kingdom with their culinary skills?

The original comic book edition of I Kill Giants introduced readers to the beautiful artwork of Ken Niimura, which mixed American, Japanese and European influences into something unique and irresistible. -The Hollywood Reporter

Delightful. -io9

Free-Range Comics With A Side Of Adventure.

Brimming with fantasy, over-the-top zaniness, and deep-rooted friendship, Umami is a balm to the darkness that often permeates modern storytelling. -Freak Sugar

Delectable. -Impulse Gamer

Phenomenal. -Comics Beat

Charming. -13th Dimension

Whimsical. -Animation Magazine

Luckily for us, Umami is ready for your consumption. -Major Spoilers